Chickpea – Carrot – Salad with soy beans and almonds 🥕

Superhealthy, perfekt zum Mitnehmen ins Büro und ratz fatz zubereitet. Clean, vegan, low carb und einfach lecker 😋 Superhealthy, perfectly for ' to - go ' and quick'n'easy to prepare. Clean food, vegan, low carb and just yummy 😋 For 2 you need: 300 g TK - Karotten, aufgetaut ( frozen carrots, thawed ) 125 …

Healthy Keto Snickers 🍫🥜

Ich kann diejenigen unter Euch, die auf die Kombination Schokolade + Erdnuss stehen, echt nur warnen... diese Dinger machen absolut süchtig. Umso besser, dass sie voll gepackt sind mit guten Nährstoffen 🥜 For all of you, who love the flavor combination of chocolate + peanuts, pay attention, these keto snickers have addiction potential... luckily they …

Cardio Training

Mix and match Tabata videos 20 sec work / 10 sec rest for 8 rounds: Runnings plyometric combination Single leg jump Tuck jumps Lunge runnings combination Sumo squat jumps meets runnings

Toning Core

Tabata 20/10 for 8 rounds Mix and match with other videos Abs work Core stability Parallel leg raises Side plank variation Plank jack variation Russian twist Abs rowing Reverse plank jack Parallel leg lift variation Stability glute work Side plank glute work Plank with shoulder touch Walking legs abs combination Side plank with Rotation